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Another Feather

Inspired by her travels and ancient relics, designer Hannah Ferrara makes minimalistic jewelry by hand in her Portland, Oregon studio. Each piece in Hannah's Another Feather collection of elegant, everyday adornments showcases the natural beauty of hand artistry.

Another Feather is committed to traditional craftsmanship and environmentally friendly sourcing. Hannah uses time-honored metal smithing techniques and tools and recycled metals from sustainable sources while adhering to low environmental impact studio practices. 

Artisan Collection

another feather brass cup stud earring at maeree

Brass Cup Stud Earrings

$ 60.00 Regular price
$ 88.00

brass dart necklace at maeree

Brass Dart Necklace

$ 80.00 Regular price
$ 90.00

Another Feather Chain Link Earrings at maeree

Chain Earrings

$ 120.00 Regular price
$ 168.00

another feather crest cuff

Crest Cuff

$ 50.00 Regular price
$ 64.00

Another Feather Dome Ring at maeree

Dome Ring

$ 110.00

another feather golden rod necklace

Golden Rod Necklace

$ 90.00
Sold Out Regular price
$ 120.00

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