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Holiday Table

Make your holiday gatherings especially warm and welcoming with simple, elegant touches. Our collection of beautiful, sustainable gems will leave everyone wanting to linger.
echoview fiber mill microstripe throw blanket

Light Gray Throw Blanket

$ 209.00
Sold Out

Indego Africa horn vase at maeree

Horn Vase

$ 125.00

sugar and cream set, white stoneware at maeree

White Stoneware Sugar & Creamer Set

$ 25.00 Regular price
$ 38.00

aydry candle wick trimmer at maeree

Wick Trimmer

$ 15.00

aydry yuzu candle at maeree

Japanese Yuzu Candle

$ 36.00
Sold Out

mango wood whale tongs at maeree

Whale Tongs

$ 25.00