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Rose & Fitzgerald

Ankole Horn Tumbler Set

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From Rose & Fitzgerald, these elegant and beautiful Ankole horn tumblers were meticulously sanded, polished, and then sealed with a food-safe lacquer for a smooth and shiny finish. Ankole horns are also known for their beautiful variation of colors with exotic stripes of ivory, black, and brown. No two horns are exactly alike, making each of these tumblers completely unique and rare. Rose & Fitzgerald ethically sources Ankole horn as a food by-product. Each tumbler in the set of two measures roughly 4” x 3”

Inspired Design: Rose & Fitzgerald is a design and craft studio based in Kampala, Uganda. Founded by Courtney and Laren Poole, Rose & Fitzgerald endeavors to preserve traditions and create unexpected, beautiful pieces mixing age-old craft with a simplistic, contemporary aesthetic. Each piece is handmade by individual artisans using luxurious, locally-sourced materials and heritage craft techniques. Rose & Fitzgerald is committed to providing fair-trade wages and a healthy, ethical working environment.