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Welcome to maeree! We are delighted to share with you our ethically edited collection of jewelry, home and lifestyle accessories that merges contemporary design with artisan craftsmanship. Beyond simple adornment, maeree supports designers who embrace environmentally conscious sourcing and production as well as employment, training and education initiatives in an effort to empower artisans in marginalized communities.  

We founded maeree after many years of dreaming and talking about starting a business together. With a shared love of contemporary design and a desire to make a difference, we brought maeree to life as a means to work, to create and be inspired together.

Maeree ("may-ree") is named after our maternal grandmother in tribute to the independence, self-reliance and creativity she encouraged us to discover in ourselves. Growing up we spent summers at her home on Tybee Island, puttering around the salt water canals behind the house, crabbing with lines we fashioned from kitchen string, chicken necks and sinkers, or spending hours at the beach searching for sand dollars and starfish.

Grandma led the charge each summer, walking alongside us on the beach, helping us craft those crabbing lines and teaching us how to maneuver the row boat. She was super creative and turned her living room into a crafting space where we spent rainy summer afternoons creating all sorts of delight from old magazines, paper, glitter and glue.

We hope you love the maeree collection and all that inspired it. Thank you for joining us on our journey!


Shannon & Felicia

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