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Bloom & Give

Textiles have been handmade in India for thousands of years, where artisans use highly specialized techniques of weaving, dyeing and embroidery that have been carefully passed down for hundreds of generations. Founded by Madhu Rajendran and Partha Raghunathan in 2015, Bloom & Give combines contemporary design with this rich heritage of Indian textiles.

The company works exclusively with small artisan cooperatives committed to fair wages. In addition to its commitment to fair wages, 10% of Bloom & Give's sales go directly to girls education programs in India. Each of the programs the organization works with targets a specific obstacle in each community that prevents girls from going to school. Programs funded include those working to fight gender inequality, re-integrate drop outs and provide necessary infrastructure for schooling. Programs are continually monitored for effectiveness and are visited several times a year to ensure quality.

Connect to the Source

learn how each of our artisan partners & designers are sourcing & manufacturing their products behind the scenes.