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in2green crates high-quality, high design home textiles made from sustainable fabrics. The small, women owned business collaborates with local designers and knitters to make classic yet modern and sustainable products. in2green uses recycled cotton and polyester yarns, eco wool blends and outdoor sun-resistant fabrics that are made 100% from plastic bottles.

The company's recycled cotton line is made from re-fiberized t-shirt fabrics that are spun into beautiful cotton-blend yarn. This process helps reduce landfill use and requires no additional cotton dyes or chemicals. Their unique indoor/outdoor line is made from 100% recycled polyester. More than 78 post-consumer plastic bottles go into making each fade-resistant, quick-drying throw. 

By making lasting products with second generation materials, In2Green has helped transform the domestic textile market. in2green only uses natural wool, recycled polyester and recycled cotton.

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