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Transition into the fall season and cooler temperatures with accessories. Our favorite handbags, picks for the home and jewelry will bring your autumn into focus with style and ease.
celina mancurti imperfect platter at maeree

Handmade Porcelain Platter

$ 125.00
Sold Out

Loden Stripe Foldover Clutch

Loden Stripe Foldover Clutch

$ 175.00 Regular price
$ 235.00

odette new york bassin earring at maeree

Bassin Earring

$ 198.00

odette ny wing cuff maeree

Wing Cuff

$ 185.00

odette ny ligne ring at maeree

Ligne Ring

$ 140.00

odette ny neutra cuff

Neutra Cuff

$ 250.00

clare v black belt bag at maeree

Black Belt Bag

$ 275.00

nude suede tasseled saddle bag maeree

Nude Suede Tassel Saddle Bag

$ 425.00 Regular price
$ 525.00

Moroccan silver tweed cushion at maeree

Silver Tweed Cushion

From $ 105.00

odette ny rohe ring at maeree

Rohe Ring

$ 120.00

odette ny pivot cuff at maeree

Pivot Cuff

$ 320.00

odette ny ponti earrings at maeree

Ponti Earrings

$ 198.00

satomi studios brass slant cuff at maeree

Slant Cuff

$ 250.00

Loop de Loup minimalist tall brass candlestick at maeree

Tall Brass Candlestick

$ 136.50 Regular price
$ 195.00

Indego Africa horn vase at maeree

Horn Vase

$ 125.00

otago design dawa glass bottle at maeree

Dawa Smoke Recycled Glass Bottle

$ 45.00 Regular price
$ 67.50

Gift for him and home African horn decor from Indego Africa at maeree

Horn Objet

$ 250.00