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clare v black poche at maeree

Black Poche

$ 195.00

clare v ribbon tote at maeree

Ribbon Tote

$ 185.00

rauw jewelry ripple ring at maeree

Ripple Ring

$ 154.00

jak & fox gold dome ring at maeree

Gold Vermeil Dome Ring

$ 100.00
Sold Out

clare v grande poche at maeree

Miel Grande Poche

$ 255.00
Sold Out

clare v black rustic stripe midi sac crossbody at maeree

Black Stripe Crossbody

$ 345.00
Sold Out

clare v red le sportif at maeree

Cherry Red Le Sportif

$ 95.00
Sold Out

Full Circle Bracelet

Full Circle Bracelet

From $ 125.00

clare v red lips stud earrings at maeree

Lips Studs

$ 75.00

peacebomb and rose gold circle necklace

Full Circle Necklace

From $ 125.00

clare v black belt bag at maeree

Black Belt Bag

$ 275.00
Sold Out

herbivore botanicals coco rose body polish at maeree

Coco Rose Body Polish

$ 40.00
Sold Out

Ooh La La Decoupage Tray from Ben's Garden at maeree

Ooh La La Decoupage Tray

$ 74.00
Sold Out

Cashmere Gloves

Cashmere Gloves

$ 115.00
Sold Out

portolano cashmere fingerless gloves azure

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

$ 60.00
Sold Out

porter to-go coffee mug

Porter Mug

$ 30.00

objectiza pencil tray desk accessory at maeree

Pencil Tray

$ 25.00

objectiza walnut phone tablet stand at maeree

Walnut Phone Stand

$ 36.00
Sold Out

endless summer body wash from shore soap co at maeree

Endless Summer Body Wash

$ 10.00
Sold Out

clare v cerulean crossbody strap

Cerulean Crossbody Strap

$ 65.00
Sold Out

clare v petal pink shoulder strap at maeree

Petal Pink Shoulder Strap

$ 55.00
Sold Out

kayu dylan navy stripe wicker bag at maeree

Dylan Wicker Crossbody, Blue Stripe

$ 185.00 Regular price
$ 260.00

collette ishiyama cutlass ear cuffs at maeree

Cutlass Ear Cuffs

$ 90.00 Regular price
$ 100.00

another feather brass cup stud earring at maeree

Brass Cup Stud Earrings

$ 60.00 Regular price
$ 88.00

white meditate mala bracelet maeree

White Meditate Mala Bracelet

$ 28.00 Regular price
$ 36.00

moonstone mala bracelet maeree

Moonstone Mala Bracelet

$ 35.00 Regular price
$ 45.00

aqua meditation mala bracelet mala collective maeree

Aqua Meditation Mala Bracelet

$ 28.00 Regular price
$ 36.00

blush meditation mala bracelet maeree

Blush Meditation Mala Bracelet

$ 28.00 Regular price
$ 36.00

indego africa bangles

Bizi Bangle

$ 36.00