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Hostess Gifts

The holiday season is upon us. Delight your host or hostess with a gift that gives backĀ andĀ ensures you'll be invited back.
celina mancurti canvas and leather basket

Canvas Basket

$ 52.00
Sold Out

Ink Ceramic Vase

Ink Ceramic Vase

$ 88.00
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AYDRY charcoal mint mineral bath soak at maeree

Charcoal Mint Bath Soak

$ 24.00
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aydry yuzu candle at maeree

Japanese Yuzu Candle

$ 36.00
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Ethiopian cotton blanket at maeree

Organic Cotton Blanket

$ 225.00
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Indego Africa pink flower plateau basket at maeree

Pink Flower Plateau Basket

$ 70.00
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horn salad servers at maeree

Ombre Horn Serving Set

$ 50.00
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indego africa copabu bowl

Ebony & Natural Copabu Bowl

From $ 70.00
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loop de loop steel votive holder

Orb Votive Holder

$ 70.00
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Conical votive holder from Loop de Loup at maeree

Conical Votive Holder

$ 56.00 Regular price
$ 75.00

Industrial metal candlestick from Loop de Loup at maeree

Industrial Brass Candlestick

$ 90.00 Regular price
$ 135.00

Loop de Loup minimalist tall brass candlestick at maeree

Tall Brass Candlestick

$ 136.50 Regular price
$ 195.00

Indego Africa horn vase at maeree

Horn Vase

$ 125.00

sugar and cream set, white stoneware at maeree

White Stoneware Sugar & Creamer Set

$ 20.00 Regular price
$ 38.00

aydry candle wick trimmer at maeree

Wick Trimmer

$ 15.00

gold serving set at maeree be-home

Gold Serving Set

$ 30.00
Sold Out

gold bottle opener from be-home at maeree

Gold Bottle Opener

$ 12.00
Sold Out

mango wood whale tongs at maeree

Whale Tongs

$ 25.00

herbivore botanicals detox soaking salts

Detox Soaking Salts

$ 20.00
Sold Out

Teak knife

Teak knife

$ 12.00

porter to-go coffee mug

Porter Mug

$ 30.00