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Beyond Adornment

beyond adornment

Maeree is proud to partner with forward-thinking brands who create luxurious collections that extend beyond adornment to promote social awareness and sustainability. Each of the inspired products in our collection was created while being mindful of the environment and/or working towards the empowerment of artisans in marginalized communities.

eco conscious


We work exclusively with jewelry designers who use recycled metals and ethically sourced materials and work to minimize the carbon footprint of their studios and workshops. Our home and lifestyle accessories partners employ low-energy artisanal craft practices and seek to use sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible. 

fair trade

Fair Trade

We seek to align with organizations that support and empower craftspeople and artisans in economically marginalized communities by ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions and opportunities for advancement through education and training.

social benefit

Social Benefit

We believe commerce has the power to create social benefit, and partner with organizations who are committed to ethical production and creating business models that provide a platform for earning a sustainable living. In addition to supporting heritage craft traditions, many of our partner organizations provide training and education to artisans, fostering economic benefits to the broader communities where they operate.