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Indego Africa

Mini Copabu Bowl

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The mini Copabu bowl from Indego Africa combines striking design with beautiful craftsmanship. Hand-carved of jacaranda wood in Rwanda and finished with a weave of hand-dyed sweetgrass along the rim by the female artisans of the Abaharanira-majyambere Cooperative. 7" x 3"

Inspired Design: Indego Africa creates unique, handcrafted products inspired by the vibrant colors and rich cultural traditions of Rwanda, while providing education and economic empowerment for its partner artisan cooperatives.


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Indego Africa

Indego Africa is a nonprofit social enterprise and lifestyle brand that supports artisans in Rwanda through economic empowerment and education. Indego Africa works to break intergenerational cycles of poverty by providing predominantly female artisans with the tools and support to reclaim their own futures, flourish as independent businesspeople and drive development in their communities.

The company's Rwandan staff works on-site to provide practical, hands-on training in quality control, design, and product management to artisan cooperatives. 100% of profits fund job skills training programs in business management, technology, entrepreneurship and literacy. Through these education programs artisans develop the knowledge and skills to engage independently with global markets and grow their own businesses.

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