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Collette Ishiyama

Collette Ishiyama is a New York City based jewelry designer committed to ethical and eco-consicous manufacturing practices. Founded in 2011, Collette's namesake collection draws inspiration from Egyptian artifacts, Samurai armor and the architecture of New York City. 

Handmade with with recycled metals, stingray leather, and ethically sourced stones, each piece in Collette's collection begins with a pen and ink rendering, which is then meticulously hand carved in wax. 

Artisan Collection

Collette Ishiyama asp cuff at maeree

Asp Cuff

$ 90.00 Regular price
$ 130.00

collette ishiyama bridge cuff bracelet at maeree

Bridge Cuff

$ 150.00 Regular price
$ 230.00

collette ishiyama cutlass ear cuffs at maeree

Cutlass Ear Cuffs

$ 60.00 Regular price
$ 100.00

collette ishiyama drips necklace at maeree

Drips Stingray Necklace

$ 75.00 Regular price
$ 120.00

silver dagger necklace from collette ishiyama at maeree

Emerald Dagger Necklace

$ 120.00 Regular price
$ 200.00

silver cufflinks collette ishiyama maeree

Emerald Tail Cufflinks

$ 135.00
Sold Out Regular price
$ 225.00

collette ishiyama brass wrap ring at maeree

Emerald Wrap Ring

On Sale from $ 75.00 Regular price
$ 120.00

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