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Pico Design

Pico Design is a contemporary jewelry line from New Jersey-based Andrea Panico. Featuring clean lines and organic forms that are inspired by architecture, Pico's simple statement pieces are traditional with a modern twist.

After drawing and prototyping each piece in her studio, Andrea then oversees the handmade artisan production process in New Jersey. Using recycled metals and reclaimed wood and cord, Andrea's designs focus on the beauty of natural materials and the unique way in which they come together.

Artisan Collection

pico arc earring at maeree

Arc Earrings

$ 35.00 Regular price
$ 55.00

pico arc earrings sterling silver at maeree

Arc Earrings - Sterling Silver

$ 30.00 Regular price
$ 45.00

Pico brass oval wrap bracelet at maeree

Brass Oval Wrap Bracelet

$ 200.00 Regular price
$ 300.00

pico brass tusk earring at maeree

Brass Tusk Earrings

$ 75.00 Regular price
$ 125.00

gifts for him cube cufflinks at maeree

Cube Cufflinks

$ 90.00 Regular price
$ 100.00

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